Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey (750ml)

  • Spirit Type

    Whisk(e)y Learn More

  • Spirit Category

    Irish Single Malt Whiskey

  • Size


  • Country


  • Region

    Northern Ireland

  • Sub-Region

    County Antrim

  • Tasting Notes

    Baked FruitBaking Spiceclean

  • How to Drink

    NeatOn the rocks

  • Glassware

    Double Rocks

  • ABV


The Old Bushmills Distillery is widely considered the oldest licensed distillery in the world dating back to 1608 and is named for the plethora of mills along the river Bush from which the distillery draws its water. The original distillery was almost completely destroyed in 1885 by a disastrous fire but has been in continual production since being rebuilt.

Tasting Notes

Bushmills 10 year old has a sweeter rum-like profile of apple pie, bananas, toasted cereals, marmalade, and baking spices on the finish. This is a very warm and elegant whiskey that goes down easy every time.


Bushmills 10 year old whiskey is made from 100% malted barley at the Bushmills distillery and is matured in a combination of ex-bourbon barrels and ex-sherry barrels for a minimum of 10 years prior to being blended and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

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