Cobees – Soju Spritz Mixed 4pk (1420ml)

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Founded in 2010, Cobees Enterprise quickly established itself as a leading importer of specialty Korean spirits, beer and sake. As the company grew, the portfolio was expanded to include wines that meet our rigorous standards. Cobee’s uses their premium imported Chum Churum Soju to blend into these new and refreshing Soju Spritz’s.

Tasting Notes

Black Cherry – Pure and refreshing notes of ripe cherry and marzipan are balanced with just a touch of sweetness to round out the texture.

Mango – Who doesn’t love mango? This spritz is so refreshing and bright, with clean mango flavour and a crisp clean finish.

White Peach – Vibrant aromas of stone fruits and fresh peaches are perfectly balanced with clean carbonation and a crisp finish.

Pineapple – Tropical and sun-soaked flavours of pineapple are smooth, easy going, and ready for the beach.


Soju Spritz is a hard seltzer that fuses the contemporary seltzer with a unique twist of the classic Korean soju experience. Crafted from soju, vodka, and natural flavors, it embodies the essence of Korea’s traditional iconic spirit while delivering the modern flavour of a seltzer. Blended locally in Canada with gluten-free products and only 160 calories per can, it’s mindful of consumers’ health-conscious choices

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