Glen Breton Single Malt Whisky (750ml)

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    Whisk(e)y Learn More

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    Canadian Single Malt Whisky

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  • Region

    Nova Scotia

  • Sub-Region

    Cape Breton

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    Double Rocks

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Glen Breton Rare 10yr is Canada’s first single malt whisky and has been described by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as one of the top 50 spirits worldwide. It is a homage to the Scottish heritage of the area as well as a nod to the unique terroir of Cape Breton with a uniquely Nova Scotian flavour.

Tasting Notes

Glen Breton Rare 10yr has an intensely perfumed nose of wild flowers, orange blossoms, and maple followed by glazed apples and pears on the palate that give way to a nutty and spicy finish. This whisky is very much in the style of the sweet and spicy Speysiders, but with a zesty twist all its own. Definitely a must try for all the whisky geeks out there.

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    I had high hopes but the whiskey failed me. The taste was very perfume tasting and to me off-putting. I may have to dump it down the drain.

    • Hi Floyd, our apologies that this whisky didn’t work out. Next time you’re downtown Halifax, please stop by and we’d gladly talk whisky with you and try to find something you’ll enjoy. Cheers!

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