Luksusowa Potato Vodka (750ml)

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Luksusova, the Polish word for “luxury, has a superior taste that is a result of its potato-base. Most domestic vodkas are distilled from corn, most imported vodkas from rye. Luksusova is made from Poland potatoes, it takes ten times more potatoes than it would take if they used grain to make Luksusova. This vodka is diluted with unpolluted artesian water and in 100% Gluten free.

Using potatoes creates a smoother texture and richer tasting vodka. With less aromatics than a grain distilled vodka it remains clean, pure and simple, as vodka traditionally should be.

Tasting Notes

A neutral nose with a medium to full and slightly earthy palate. The finish is crisp with moderate bitterness.


Luksusowa, Polish for “luxury”, is a vodka distilled from potatoes. The vodka is copper column-distilled and rectified before adding water to bring to 40% ABV. The vodka is filtered for clarity.

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    Potato vodka is very smooth. The best vodka for the price!

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    Potato vodka is gluten free and is great for people who are sensitive to grains, especially barley.
    Also is superior in taste!

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    This vodka tastes great- very smooth. It is the answer to those with gluten and grain sensitivity, esp barley.

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