Wyborowa Vodka (750ml)

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    Vodka Learn More

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    Grain Vodka

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    Greater Poland (Wielkopolska)

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Wyborowa Vodka (which means “choice vodka”) has been made since before the 19th century and remains a bestseller in its native Poland today. In 1873 it began to catch on throughout Europe and in 1927 it became the first vodka brand to gain an international trademark.

Though the Poznań distillery fell on hard economic times in the early 90s, the international acclaim of the brand led the French beverage company, Pernod Ricard, to purchase the brand and has grown its global market share significantly since.

Tasting Notes

From the distillery: On the nose, rich, nutty, with a hint of fresh, wholemeal loaf of bread. On the nose, a delicate texture with clear notes of Brazil nut, wholemeal bread, subtle sweetness and balanced creaminess. On the finish, fresh, rich, nutty and long-lasting.


Meant to be colourless, odourless and neutral Vodka can be made from many different base ingredients, but traditionally cereal grains or potatoes are used. Fermentation takes place (water+yeast+base ingredient) which creates the base alcoholic liquid The base liquid is then distilled into a “purer” spirit. Depending on the distillery’s preference, this process can be repeated again and again. After distillation the spirit is filtered through (typically) charcoal, removing any leftover impurities, leaving you with a clean product. This remaining product is high in alcohol and water is then added to bring the vodka down to a desired ABV, usually 40%.

Wyborowa is made using 100% rye and is distilled in a large copper column still then passed through three columns of a continuous still for an unrivalled crisp and pure character. Once distilled, the spirit is diluted with spring water and filtered before being bottled at 40% ABV.

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  1. 5

    Simply the best tasting vodka.
    Top 3 vodka (wodka) drank in Poland.

  2. 5

    This vodka has a crispness and a little sweetness from the rye. Excellent on its own chilled or as part of your favourite cocktail. Twoje zdrowie.

  3. 4

    I rate this Vodka a strong 4. I usually drink Russian Standard Gold (5 star) or Russian Standard (4.5 star) but they are no longer available in Canada. This is the next best vodka in that price range in my opinion. Better than Stoli Gold. After this I would be going for the Grey Goose but it is a higher priced vodka. You cannot go wrong with this vodka. Mixes nice. No unpleasant aftertaste. No ill effects in the morning. Cheers!

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