Nova Scotia Spirit Co. Blue Lobster Vodka (750ml)

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    Vodka Learn More

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    Grain Vodka

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    Nova Scotia

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NS Spirit Co. was born out of a desire to celebrate Nova Scotia: it’s people, it’s places, and its flavours. Their goal is to provide premium quality spirits to everyone in Nova Scotia at a price that anyone can afford to enjoy. Each product pays homage to the hard-working but warm people of Nova Scotia and the local job ad that inspired their branding:

“Local lobster fisherman from Ballantyne’s Cove, Antigonish Co. is interested in hiring a helper for the summer. Basic requirement: sober, alert & willing to learn”

Tasting Notes

From the distillery: Slightly sweet, very clean, incredibly neutral flavour profile.


Meant to be colourless, odourless and neutral, Vodka can be made from many different base ingredients but traditionally cereal grains or potatoes are used. Fermentation takes place (water+yeast+base ingredient) which creates the base alcoholic liquid The base liquid is then distilled into a “purer” spirit. Depending on the distillery’s preference, this process can be repeated again and again. After distillation the spirit is filtered through (typically) charcoal, removing any leftover impurities, leaving you with a clean product. This remaining product is high in alcohol and water is then added to bring the vodka down to a desired ABV, usually 40%.

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  1. 5

    Best Vodka I have ever tasted

  2. 5

    Just coming back from NovaScotia yesterday . Had time to sample one bottle , brought back another one home . Excellent vodka on a Price / Taste scale . Can t stop using it for vodka / martinis . Just wish we had it in province of Québec S.A.Q.

  3. 5

    Bought a bottle when I was home in C.B.I. this past September. Christmas is around the corner. Good time to break it open. I’ll be back soon with my review! Merry Christmas Y’all ❤️🙏✌️

  4. 5

    Great flavor. Used to drink absolute. No mas

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