Quintarelli Rosso Ca del Merlo (750ml)

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    ConventionalMost products with this label come from producers who do their best to avoid any intervention at all but it’s possible that some of the aforementioned preventative measures and additions are deemed necessary. Learn More

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    Mushroom dishesPasta BologneseRoast meats

The late, great Giuseppe Quintarelli, succeeded in establishing his mythical and legendary estate during an amazing sixty-year career. Quintarelli’s wines express the tradition, love, heart, and soul of the terroir in the hills of Verona. Giuseppe’s daughter Fiorenza, his son-in-law Giampaolo, and his grandsons Francesco and Lorenzo are all keeping a close watch over the family’s legacy and to this day, Giuseppe Quintarelli remains one of the icons of Italy. The wines are released only when deemed ready, not a moment sooner.

The Quintarelli name is synonymous with traditional handcrafted wines that are very much a labour of love born of time, effort and patience.  Giuseppe, fondly known as “Bepi” to those closest to him, was a perfectionist in every way. From the beautiful handwritten labels, to the best possible quality cork, to the exquisite wine in the bottles, the Quintarelli name is a stamp of authenticity and the ultimate indication of an artisanal, handmade, uncompromising wine of the highest quality.

Tasting Notes

Pronounced aromas of red and black fruit, spice and tobacco.  Vibrant and tightly wound with a dense, elegant core of ripe black fruit and sweet spices, the whole showing class and restraint. Treat this as you would a fine Barolo; decant it to enjoy it young or patiently wait and cherish it with some bottle age.  Serve it with savory dishes such as roast meats, wild mushrooms, hearty pastas.


This is a single vineyard bottling and a diverse blend of 55% Corvina and Corvinone, 30% Rondinella, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Nebbiolo, Croatina and Sangiovese. After harvest, half of the fruit is crushed and fermented like a traditional red wine, the remaining grapes are left to dry for two months in a process known as appassimento. After the two lots are blended, the wine is then passed over the pressed skins from the family’s Amarone, a powerful wine made entirely from dried grapes. During this ripasso, the sugars left over in the Amarone pomace set off a small secondary fermentation, slightly boosting alcohol content and, crucially, contributing additional texture and rich, complex flavors. Only after all this has taken place is the wine racked to massive Slavonian oak botti, where it rests for no fewer than seven years before bottling.

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