Soho Lychee Liqueur (750ml)

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    Liqueur Learn More

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    Fruit Liqueur

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    FloralsweetCandied Fruit

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    Double Rocks Glass

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Soho was created in 1989 in France to blend the tropical fruit with the extensive mixology knowledge of the French liquor industry. Lychee as a flavor started to make a splash on the cocktail scene in the mid-2000s offering a disruptive, unique take on a variety of drinks. Soho is a premium liquor that brings the unique, fruity flavor of lychee to every cocktail.

Tasting Notes

From the distillery: The clarity of the transparent liqueur is deceptive to the array of sweet, natural flavors it contains. Vibrant floral aromas accompanied by a viscous texture with sweet lychee nut and candied fruit flavours.


Liqueurs are sweet and have low alcohol. Soho Lychee Liqueur is distilled in France using the best natural Asian lychees available.

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