Tilmans Biere – Die Dunkel (500ml)

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    Lager Learn More

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    Dark Beer

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    German Dunkel (Dark Lager)

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    BalancedSmoothdark malt

After Tilman Ludwig graduated from Bavaria’s famous Weihenstephaner brewing university, he spent two years brewing at Huus brewery in Switzerland before moving to Munich to open his own brewery in 2014. Since then, Tilmans has gone on to become one of Munich’s best modern breweries, making both traditional German styles and modern craft styles. Almost all of Tilmans business to date has been within Germany, and Bishop’s Cellar is extremely happy to introduce Tilmans beer into Canada for the first time!

With only the highest quality raw ingredients being used, coupled with long fermentation and maturing periods to produce a wonderfully round and balanced beer. On top of that, the beautiful branding and labeling are done by a local artist.

Tasting Notes

Intense dark amber malt flavours of roasted nuts, brown bread, and caramel lead into a mouth coating palate that’s perfectly balanced by noble German hop notes. A subtle fruit note reminds of sweet fruits such as blackberries and blackcurrants, and while the beer brings a intense initial flavour, it quickly wraps up and disappears leaving you ready for another sip.


Dunkel meaning dark in German – The Munich Dunkel is one of Germany’s oldest continuously brewed beer styles. It predates all of the golden lagers and wheat beers that the country is famous for. A well made Dunkel can be a sublime drinking experience.

Brewed with the lovely Munich Malt, known for it’s signature biscuit toasted caramel notes. Dunkel is all about malt, these beers are exceptionally smooth and packed with mouth coating flavours of toasted bread, pie crust, biscuits, and subtle nuttiness. They also pair very well with braised, roasted, and stewed foods as both the beer and the food offer caramelized flavours, and the beer has just enough bitterness to clean up the palate.

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