Bowmore 12 YO
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    • Scotch To be considered Scotch, whiskies must be distilled and aged in Scotland for a minimum of three year in oak barrels. Learn More »
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    • Scotland
Islay is renowned in the scotch world for being the home of the biggest and baddest single malts of the smokey/peaty character that so divides the scotch community. Bowmore is by no means an over-the-top expression of this style and has even been jokingly referred to as the breakfast dram because of its relatively easy-going character. Don't mistake that well-rounded nature for inferiority though, this is widely regarded as one of the best value whiskys in the market and much cheaper than most of its Islay brothers. The Bowmore 12yr is very true to the coastal flavour profile with sea breeze, buttered kippers, zesty citrus, caramel, and a strong seashell salinity that surges in the slightly peaty finish. This is definitely a staple of any scotch collection, and a great introduction to the world of Islay whisky and coastal style.

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Bowmore 12 YO