Aveleda Fonte Vinho Verde Rose (750ml)

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    Rose Wine

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    SeafoodSpicy FoodsSushi

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Aveleda is a name which spans several generations. The first records of the sale of bottled wine date back to 1870, with Manuel Pedro Guedes (1837-1899), known for his strong enterprising spirit and believed to be the founder of the business as we know it today. His work bore fruit and the quality of the Aveleda wines started to be recognised, as the gold medals won in the international competitions in Berlin (1888) and Paris (1889) attest. Today the Guedes family still owns 100% of the company, always committed to maintaining this family legacy.

Pink is in!  From Prosecco to Vinho Verde, many wine regions are adding rose to their portfolio.  This uplifting colour seems to signal the coming of warmer weather and dreaming of open air dinning and casual picnics with friends and light refreshing rose wines.      

Tasting Notes


Unlike traditional method sparkling wines, where carbonation is created by a secondary fermentation that takes place in the bottle, Vinho Verde wines traditionally have a slight spritzy quality and get their effervescence by being bottled before all the carbon dioxide generated by the primary fermentation had dissipated.  Most Vinho Verde is white (with a “greenish” hue as implied by the name).  This one is pink and is made from red grapes.  It still has that fresh appeal and slight spritz that makes Vinho Verde so quaffable.  

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