Ayinger – Brau Weisse Wheat Beer (500ml)

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Ayinger Brewery has a long-standing reputation for excellence in beer and hospitality. Although Ayinger was founded in a picturesque village 25 kilometers from Munich in 1878, the site of the Ayinger Gasthaus Brewery Hotel has been one of Bavaria’s most famous restaurants for more than 500 years.

In the shadow of the Alps, nestled in the 1200 year-old village of Aying (pronounced eye-ing), Brauerei Aying produces 12 different styles of beers, more than most of the larger German breweries. The Ayinger Brewery has been owned and operated by the same family since 1878 and represents one of the most pleasant and interesting small breweries which are typical of Europe. Brewing good beer is the premier duty of Aying, and people come from all over the world to sample the brews.

Tasting Notes

Pale color, and hazy with a huge rocky head. Flavours and aromas show the characteristic Ayinger elegance and perfect balance. Finishes with a subtle spicy, fruity note from a traditional Bavarian weissbier yeast strain – known to produce notes of ripe banana, and clove spice. Along with citrus, and orange blossom notes.

5.0% abv


Brewed with 60% wheat malt which gives all Weissebiers their classic hazy appearance. As well as a specific ale yeast that produces this styles signature banana and clove aromas and flavours.

Ayinger Brau Weisse has always been one of the lighter German wheat beers we bring in, it doesn’t have as much caramelized character as Erdinger, Rittmayer, Paulaner, etc.

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    Ayinger Brauweisse is one of the finest wheat beers I’ve ever tasted. Smooth and flavorful, absolutely amazing beer.

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