Flor Del Desierto Ono Sotol (750ml)

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    Agave Spirit

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    Naked in the Desert

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    Double Rocks Glass

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The story begins when 3 friends from Chihuahua, Mexico, won a baking competition with sotol as their secret ingredient.  They began a quest to find the best sotol in the country. Their journey led them through the Coyame Desert, across the mountains of Madera, and eventually to the founding of their own collective brand. 

Sotol is an eponymous spirit made in Northern Mexico (traditionally in Chihuahua, Sonora and Durango), as well as parts of the Southwestern US, from a variety of plant also called sotol, or the “Desert Spoon” .  It has sustained the people of the region for centuries, finding its way into food, medicine, religious ceremonies, and both fermented & distilled beverages. A shrub-like succulent that can be harvested anywhere from 7-22 years, it looks and grows similar to agave, yet unlike agave it can continue living and bloom again after harvest. The spirit is produced in a similar way to mezcal, whereby the sugar-laden heart of a mature plant is roasted in a shallow pit oven using indigenous wood, thus imparting a smoky flavor. As with mezcal, variety and terroir play important roles in the finished product.

Tasting Notes

Clean, bright, dense and pristine in the glass with a silver hue.  The nose is complex, herbaceous with spice and hints of fresh green asparagus and white peppercorns. The palate is fresh with a smooth texture and fruity flavours of guava, coconut and ginger.  It finishes dry with notes of spice and minerals.


Sotol Onó is made with Dasylirion Cedrosanum, which takes 12 to 15 years to reach maturity in the wild. The sotol are pulled out of the earth with axes, and the spiny leaves are cut from the piñas to transport to the Vinata. Once in the Vinata, Maestro Gerardo Ruelas roasts the piñas for about 3 days, then grinds them by hand using axes and knives. The plants then ferment for five and seven days, depending on the weather, before being distilled.

Our Thoughts

Thyme and underripe pineapple with a touch of creaminess that makes me think of marshmallows. Herbaceous, fresh and light.

Kate Fraser Retail Supervisor, Spirits Specialist
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  1. 5

    So great to see Sotol breaking into the Halifax market. Wonderful brand and delicious juice inside!

  2. 5

    Been looking for a new and interesting addition to my mezcal collection. This product definitely didn’t disappoint! Makes a wicked margarita.

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