Del Maguey Vida Mezcal (750ml)

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    Agave Spirit

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    Santa Catarina Minas

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Del Maguey (pronounced ma–gay) was founded in 1995 by artist and mezcal visionary, Ron Cooper. Ron introduced the world to previously unavailable 100% certified organic, artisanal mezcal produced the original handcrafted way by small family producers in their own villages. Del Maguey mezcal is never blended and is always a reflection of the terroir and people who create the mezcal. Ron formed deep connections with the indigenous Zapotec producers and Del Maguey is dedicated to preserving the traditional methods of producing mezcal.

Tasting Notes

Del Maguey Vida showcases grilled citrus, sweet lychee, and aromatic wood smoke with a dusty leather in the background. The palate is rich and sweet with carmelized fruit, cinnamon, and a surge of white pepper on the finish with gentle puffs of tobacco smoke lingering. Vida is an excellent sipper, surprisingly excellent with oysters, but also makes for a great riff on a negroni or margarita.


Each Del Maguey bottling is a reflection of the village from which it hails, and in the case of Vida, that is San Luis del Rio. Only 7-8 year old espadin maguey (agave angustifolia) is used and it is double-distilled in 350L copper pot stills. The spirit is not aged in oak in order to preserve the terroir-driven aromatics and vivacity typical of Del Maguey mezcal. The mezcal is then diluted with water from the local Rio Hormiga Colorada (red ant river) and bottled at roughly 42% alcohol by volume those this may change slightly from batch to batch.

Our Thoughts

On the nose, it’s very earthy, dense, and concentrated; think horse hair, barnyard, and mint.
The palate has medium-smoke with minerality and a distinct lemon juice note.

Kate Fraser Retail Supervisor, Spirits Specialist
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