Iron Rock Brewing – Happy Valley Hefeweizen (473ml)

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    Wheat Beer

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    German WeissbierThe German-style hefeweizen offers a unique beer experience thanks to the use of wheat malt, unique yeast and its uncharacteristic appearance. Learn More

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    Labrador City

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    Baking SpicerefreshingBanana

Iron Rock Brewing Co.’s first spikes were driven in 2018 by Brian and Dave Hurley, two brothers with deep mining roots and a passion for great beer. The brewery’s story is about building with family and sharing with community in a place where both are key to survival. They decided to take a chance on a small business in Labrador West; that’s the start of the story. However, the company wouldn’t be where it is today without their dedicated staff, generous friends, and devoted customers. Brian & Dave strive to live up to their expectations.

Bishop’s Cellar is very happy to introduce the very first (we think) Labrador Craft beer to Nova Scotia!

Tasting Notes

A nod to Iron Rock’s neighbours 500km to the east. This hazy, straw-coloured weissbier boasts a hefty aroma of banana and cloves with a refreshing, phenolic finish. This beer has become quite popular with Iron Rock’s regulars. Part of that is owed to the unique flavours and colour of the style, which are not often found mass produced in domestic beers.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay is the second largest population centre in Labrador, considered central Labrador. Together, Labrador West and HV-GB make up the majority of the nearly 30,000 residents in the “Big Land”. This is the brewery’s nod to all the great people that call this great part of Canada home.


Traditionally, the Hefeweizen style of beer is from Bavaria and by law any Weibers brewed in Germany must use a “top-fermenting” yeast. The top-fermenting yeast used in this style is what gives it most of the flavours. It can give off bubblegum, banana, vanilla, clove and black pepper flavours and aromas. This style is known for its low hop bitterness, reasonably high carbonation and a large portion of wheat malt used instead of barley malt. The name Hefeweizen refers to wheat beer in its traditional, unfiltered form.

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