Novo Fogo Silver Cachaca (750ml)

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Nova Fogo distillery is located in the heart of Brazil’s coastal rainforest, Floresta Atlântica. Designated by UNESCO as the world’s second-largest Biosphere Reserve for its animal and plant diversity.  The landscape is characterized by mountains and clouds, ocean and islands. Such is the magic of the Serra do Mar range, which stretches from way up in the state of Espiríto Santo to the state of Santa Catarina below. The distillery and organic sugarcane plantation are located at the base of this coastal mountain range.  

The pristine and pollution free nature around the distillery makes it a natural fit for organic cachaça production.

Tasting Notes

Banana aromas on the nose initially, followed by floral notes. On the palate, citrus and tropical notes are balanced by salinity, and an impression of sweet red peppers wraps a lengthy, warm finis


Novo Fogo cachaça is made from hand-cultivated organic sugarcane, the purest representation of organic sugarcane from Southern Brazil highlighting that terroir matters.  Cachaça is made by washing the sugar cane stalks and pressing them with metal rollers to produce a concentrated juice before being filtered to remove plant debris before yeast is added to begin the fermentation process, which takes one to three days.  After fermentation, it rests in stainless steel tanks for 1 year before bottling.

Our Thoughts

Cachaça (ka-sha-sah) dates as far back as the 16th century when Portugal moved its sugar production from the island of Madeira to Brazil. Made from sugarcane, the stalks are pressed, and the juices are fermented with wild yeast, producing a sugarcane wine (9%-11% abv). The wine is distilled in a copper pot still and rests for 12 months in stainless steel; producing a spirit that has notes of tropical fruits, grass, and citrus, making it perfect for Brazil’s national cocktail – the Caipirinha.

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