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Ever since it was set up as a buying office in Bordeaux in 1883, Maison Sichel has remained, first and foremost, a family business. Since that time, six generations of the Sichel family have succeeded one another at the company’s helm.

Tasting Notes

Sauternes is situated some 40 kilometers south east of Bordeaux, between the Garonne river and the Landes forest to the south, the Sauternes vineyard produces what many wine experts and wine lovers believe to be, quite simply, the best sweet white wine in the world.   The bouquet is a beguiling combination of concentrated dried fruit, bitter orange, apricot jam with hints of baking spice.  Creamy and toasty at every stage of the tasting, the palate is impressively well-balanced and complex, with a harmony between richness and freshness and a long pleasing finish.   


Sauternes is an sweet wine only appellation in Bordeaux situated close to the Garonne and Ciron rivers. Those bodies of water, with their different temperatures aids in the development of Noble Rot or Botrytis, which is necessary for the production of Sauternes.    The early morning mist and fog gives way to warm afternoons, which allows the much desired noble rot to develop without turning into black rot that would otherwise ruin the grapes.  The grapes are fully ripe and sweet when affected by Botrytis and are hand harvested in multiple passings.  The botrytis affected grapes are pressed, fermented and aged in oak barrels.    

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