Upstreet – Libra Non Alcoholic Pilsner 4pk (1420ml)

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    Lager Learn More

  • Beer Category

    Gold BeerNon-Alcoholic

  • Beer Style

    Czech PilsnerCzech Saaz hop is used here; known for higher bittering acids, and intense floral aromas with lots of pepper. Learn More

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  • Region

    Prince Edward Island

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Since 2006 Hogie has been brewing beer and his homebrews became something of local legend on Prince Edward Island. Years later, a group of friends got together and decided to turn this crazy passion for brewing into a business and so began Upstreet Brewing.

Tasting Notes


A light and crisp pilsner with malty sweetness, floral aroma, and a gently bitter finish. Brewed with lager yeast and Saaz hops from the Czech Republic.


Other non-alcoholic beers are composed by removing, or boiling off, all alcohol after the beer is produced. While this is a frequent traditional method, it also removes a lot of flavour. It was obvious the technique had to be optimized in order to achieve the desired full-body flavours. 

The brewing process consisted of a lot of trial and error, two years worth to be specific! Finally, it was discovered that using a combination of traditional technique with unique adjustments would retain the elements of a great tasting craft beer.

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