Zudugarai Getariako Txakolina (750ml)

  • Wine Type

    White Wine

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  • Region

    Basque region

  • Sub-Region


  • Grape

    Hondarrabi Zuri

  • Farming Method

    ConventionalMost products with this label come from producers who do their best to avoid any intervention at all but it’s possible that some of the aforementioned preventative measures and additions are deemed necessary. Learn More

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Txakoli Zudugarai is a family winery dating back three generations.  They are committed to preserving and promoting the traditional wines of their region; that is Txakoli de Getaria.  Txakoli is typically a white wine made with Hondarrabi Zuri grapes—zuri means “white” in Basque—which are the predominant grape grown in the Basque Country.  There is also Hondarrabi Beltza ( black grapes) planted for a small amount of red and rosé txakoli production.  There are three regions in the Basque Country that make txakoli—Getariako, Bizkaiko, and Alava.  The Zudugarai family make wines in the Getariak region.  

Tasting Notes

Pale yellow with a greenish and grey iridescence; bright, crystalline and clean.  The nose shows fresh and clean aromatics with herbal notes, green apple and citrus and a light bread yeast note.  The palate is light and fresh, with subtle effervescence, citrus flavours, salinity and minerality. 


Getariako Txakoli is the oldest and largest Denominación de Origen (D.O.), most txakoli exported to North America is from this region.  The wine is traditionally poured from a height above the glass to keep the fine bubbles intact and served in small portions to retain the light carbonation.  Sometimes you’ll also see it poured from a porrón, a pitcher that resembles a watering can. 

The vineyards overlook the Bay of Biscay; this location on the water means the soil tends to be damp and humid. The grapes are grown in a parral system, which means they’re raised up from the ground with the aid of stakes and grow into a canopy to create ventilation.


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