Singha Beer 6pk (1980ml)

  • Beer Type

    Lager Learn More

  • Beer Category

    Commercial Lager

  • Beer Style

    Pale Lager

  • Country


  • Region

    Central Thailand

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It is manufactured in Thailand by the Singha Corporation Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of its parent company, Boon Rawd Brewery.

Tasting Notes

Starting with a hint of sweetness its taste moves through to earthy and spicy flavours. This exceptional taste is combined with distinct floral, herbal and peppery aromas. It is very smooth and full bodied yet has an exciting carbonation and a clean finish.

5.0% abv


Singha is an International Pale Lager that is brewed with 100% premium barley malt, double hopped with Saaz from Europe, and 100% fresh water. The brew is golden yellow in color, full-bodied and rich in taste, with strong hops character.

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