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Tanner – German Wheat (473ml)

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    Ale Learn More

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    Wheat Beer

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    Nova Scotia

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After years in the restaurant industry, Dan Tanner started to shift his focus to wine, and while enrolled in sommelier classes, he began to take interest in beer. Fast forward – after a few years of slow growth from his garage, to farmers markets, to recently, a taproom in Chester, Dan has certainly taken the time to do things right. His beers are always a joy to drink, when you can find them. Bishops Cellar is very happy to finally be able to showcase Tanner Brews to even more folks around the province!

Tasting Notes

Aromas that are full of rich banana notes, a bit of citrus peel, and spicy pepper and cloves notes. The palate has many of the same notes, and is coupled by fluffy carbonation and a dry refreshing finish. 

5.2% ABV


This German Wheat beer is fermented with a traditional Hefeweizen yeast, and the brewery modified the traditional recipe a bit using malts you wouldn’t normally see in this style to produce a beer with a bit more weight and malt character.  

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