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Bold & Full Reds

These are the complex reds that mature in barrel for a year or more before release, gaining structure and complexity to further evolve in the bottle.  Wines from the New World and Old World alike can produce this style; some are riper and fruitier, while others are more savoury and tannic.  The common factor is that they are layered and complex. The spicy and sweet oak notes may be prominent in young wines, but as they age the oak elements integrate with the fruit and tannins while tertiary aromas begin to reveal themselves further adding to the wine’s complexity.  Many of these wines are cellar-worthy wines and best enjoyed with intensely flavoured and weighty dishes like red meat, aged cheeses, sausage, and heavy mushroom dishes.

Key aromas and flavours: Blackcurrant, Herbs, Spices, plums, chocolate, spices, vanilla

Great examples: Napa Cab, Bordeaux, Barolo, Brunello, Rioja, Merlot, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, Ripasso, New World Shiraz


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