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Deep Fried Foods

Chefs can deep fry almost anything and it will taste amazing. Humans are hard-wired to love the rich, fatty flavours of deep fried foods and you’ll find everything from meat to seafood, vegetables to canapes entering the deep oil at some point or another. Deep fried foods are also very common on the menu as appetizers and starters as their rich, oily flavours rev up our appetites and leave us wanting more. Everything in moderation, right?

The oily, flavourful nature of this cooking method can nuetralize and overwhelm many kinds of wines. For the best results, pair crisp acidic whites with fatty or deep fried foods to balance out the flavours in the food while retaining their own unique character. Go for a great local white wine or dry, sparkling wine to bring out the best in each other.

For something new, crack open one of the great craft beers on our shelves for another oh-so-traditional pairing.


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