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The ideal aperitif wine is generally light bodied, refreshingly crisp and not too high in alcohol.  These are wines that can be enjoyed without food or paired with a variety of savoury small bites before a meal.  Some of the best aperitif wines include:

Sparkling Wines

Bubbles simply set a celebratory mood, enliven the taste buds, and cut through any excess saltiness or richness found in appetizers.

Crisp, clean, neutral style white

This style includes bone dry, clean mineral flavours all the way to green and tangy citrus.  It is an easy style to enjoy without food and works well with a variety of light appetizers. Includes wines like NZ Sauvignon Blanc, light Pinot Grigio or Albarino.

Aromatic, fruity, and slightly off-dry

This is a style that can be easily enjoyed on its own.  These wines are very aromatic and offer an intense bouquet of tropical fruits and exotic spices.  They can be dry, although they are often made in a slightly off-dry style to offset set their natural acidity. This includes Alsatian Pinot Gris, drier Rieslings and Guwurtztraminer.


The colour spectrum ranges from vibrant pink to light salmon. This wine style looks beautiful in a glass and evokes memories of sipping wine in a Parisian café or enjoying a glass in Southern France on a warm summer’s afternoon.  A good rose offers juicy red berry fruit aromas and flavours. Sweetness levels range from bone dry to slightly off-dry, these wines are delicious on their own but also the perfect partner to a variety of rich and flavourful appetizers.


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