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A well-crafted and presented Charcuterie is a thing of beauty. Originally created as a way to preserve meat before refrigeration, they are prepared today for rich flavours  and textures derived from the preservation processes.

Charcuterie typically includes a mix of cured meats such as salami, coppa, proscuitto, and cured sausages, alongside pates. Furthermore, the meat is usually served with a presentation of garnishes such as pickled or marinated vegetables plus mustards and other sauces. An array of breads and crackers are also offered to balance the intensity of flavour in the meats.

There are many flavours and textures on a typical charcuterie plate, many of which will throw off the balance of a low acid wine and make it taste sour. Furthermore, big and complex red wines will only complicate the flavours.

Your best bet is to partner wines that are cheap, cheerful and versatile. Try a tangy white Rioja like the Baron De Ley white on our shelves or a rich, minerally Riesling that has a hint of residual sugar. For reds, try light and uncomplicated red wines like Gamay from France’s Beaujolais, Italy’s Barbera from the Piedmont region or Pinot Noir from the New World. Finally, when in doubt, uncork a bright, fresh rose wine for a simple and refreshing balance to the charcuterie.



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