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Hop into the Easter Long Weekend with Bishop’s Cellar

I don’t love winter. I do my best to enjoy some aspects of the cooler months here in Nova Scotia, but I genuinely look forward to every Spring so that I can get my hands back in our veggie garden and take my dog out for sunny hikes on trails free from snow and ice.

Easter weekend is always a good time to celebrate Spring! So, this long weekend I’ll throw all the windows in my house open to let in the fresh air and cook a big dinner for family & friends. 

Wine and food are better together and I’m always looking for opportunities to showcase great pairings to the people I love.  

While it is true that wine and food pairings can be completely subjective to the individual, here are 3 simple guidelines that you can follow when considering what wine to choose for your Easter dinner. Better yet, stop by our shop sometime this week to get personalized recommendations from our knowledgable store staff.

1. Pick a wine to complement the meal

To complement a dish with wine, you must first take into consideration the intensity of the dish and the flavours of the wine. Pairing food and wine this way will actually offer a heightened intensity to the dish and bring the best of both together. For example an earthy Pinot Noir will complement the flavours in an earthy mushroom dish. I love a fresh, aromatic white or even a rich and creamy white wine with Turkey. Similarly, I love smooth, fruit forward red wines with ham.

2. Pick a wine to contrast the meal

Alternatively, you can also select a wine with flavours, weight and texture that contrast your main dish. This will increase the prominent flavours of the dish and create a refreshing sensation on your palate. Ultimately in wine and food matching, we’re striving for balance.  A great example of this would be a dry, crisp Riesling with a richly prepared ham. Or, you could pair a sparkling wine with a rich, flavourful dish to create balance on the palate.

3. “What grows together, goes together”

Historically, and still continuing today, wines are typically enjoyed within the region they are produced. They can be paired beautifully with traditional local dishes. A perfect example can be found right here in Nova Scotia. Our crisp and mineral whites are the perfect choice for local whole Salmon or Trout. I love Tidal Bay, Nova Scotia’s signature white wine blend, paired with Sustainable Salmon or Rainbow Trout that I get in my weekly Catch-of-the-Week from Afishionado Fish Mongers. 

Here are my suggestions for Easter Dinner wine pairings!


Perelada Stars Cava Brut Nature, Spain

Benjamin Bridge NV Brut Rose, Nova Scotia

Lightfoot & Wolfville Bubbly White, Nova Scotia

Fresh and zesty aromatic white

Haut Perron Sauvignon Blanc, France

Illuminati Pecorino

Birichino Malvasia 

Rich and creamy white 

DMZ Chardonnay

Pine Ridge Chenin Viognier

Roche de Lune Vouvray

Fresh, fun rosé wines (so food friendly and fun! Learn more here)

Calmel & Joseph

Rivera Pungirosa 

Zenato Chiaretto Rose

Medium bodied, smooth and fruit-forward red 

Petite Selve Red

Dupeuble Beaujolais

Vina Saturnia Joven Tinto

Full, ripe, and round red 

Le Ballon Rouge

Paolini Special Etna Rosso

Montes Alpha Syrah


Happy Easter long weekend!



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