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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean.  It is so close to the Italian peninsula, it looks as if Calabria could extend its toe and kick it.   Its capital and largest city is Palermo and tourists flock to the region for its beaches, Greek ruins and cuisine which has a strong Arab influence.   In the wine world, Sicily was once best known for the dessert wine Marsala and bulk wines than for premium dry white and reds.  However, that has since changed and connoisseurs are seeking out the mineral driven volcanic wines from the slopes of Mount Etna.  The region’s primary grape varieties are Cataratto (white) and Nero d’Avola (red).  Nerello Mascallese is an important red grape concentrated in the area of Etna; it makes elegant red wines, with a similar profile to Pinot Noir, though with more tannin.    


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