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This narrow strip of vineyards stretches from Chablis in the North to Macon in the South and covers a broad range of topography and soil types. Burgundy is unlike any other area in the world, producing drastically different wines from grapes grown just metres apart.

With the sheer number of appellation names and vineyard parcels to recall, thankfully there are only two grapes you need to know in Burgundy: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Both grapes are very site and soil sensitive so they beautifully express Burgundy’s varied terroir.  Burgundian Chardonnay can be  everything from crisp, mineral-driven and lean to full, round and rich depending on where it is planted and winemaking techniques.  Pinot Noir reigns supreme here and is characterized by red fruits such as cherry, raspberry, and strawberry when young. When matured, the grapes express more vegetal, savoury and animal notes.  The wine’s acidity is bright and lively and the tannins are rarely astringent.


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