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The region of Champagne is located north of Paris and one of the only wine regions in the world that focuses solely on sparkling wine production. Perhaps this is the reason why any other sparkling wine is often mistakenly called Champagne; for only wines made in the region of Champagne according to their strict method of production can be called that name.

The Champagne region is very cool with an average temperature of around 16C during the growing season. The production of quality still wine is not viable, but this climate, in combination with the region’s chalky and Kimmeridgian clay soil, makes it ideally suited to top-quality sparkling winemaking.  The three Champagne grapes are Chardonnay that provides lightness, floral and citrus notes; Pinot Noir for body, structure and black fruit character and ; Pinot Meunier, another black grape that contributes to the blend’s fruitiness.

Within the Champagne region most of the vineyards are concentrated in five areas, moving from north to south they are: Montagne de Reims, Vallee de la Marne, Cote de Blancs, Cote de Sezanne and Cote des Bar.


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