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Sweetness Levels of Champagne

Most Champagnes are labelled Brut and taste dry or off-dry with just a hint of sweetness.  Here is a helpful guide to labelling terms and sweetness levels:

Brut Nature – Dry: 0-3g/L sugar

Extra Brut – Dry: 0-6g/L sugar

Brut – Dry to a hint of sweetness: 0-12g/L sugar

Extra Sec – A hint of sweetness to noticeably sweet, but not quite dessert quality: 12-17g/L sugar

Sec – Noticeably sweet, but not quite dessert quality: 17-32g/sugar

Demi-Sec – Sweet, bring on the cake! 32-50g/L sugar

Doux – Very sweet, dessert in itself!  50+g/L sugar


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