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Styles of Champagne

Non-Vintage (NV)

This is the most common style. Blends are based on the recent vintage and combined with reserve wine stocks to maintain a consistent house style. Aged for a minimum of fifteen months, with twelve months on the yeast lees.

Vintage Champagne

These are only made in certain years and the grapes must come from that stated vintage.  They show the house style of the producer, as well as the unique qualities of the growing year.  They spend a minimum of three years on the yeast lees and benefit from further bottle ageing.  Some producers keep a portion of their vintage wines longer on the lees and sell them as late disgorged (LD).


Champagne rose, unlike other European roses, is permitted to be a blend of white and red wine.

Blanc de Blancs

Made from 100% Chardonnay.  When young, they are light with high acidity, citrus and green apple flavours that mature and develop to show more buttery characteristics.

Blanc de Noirs

Made from either Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier.  They are more structured with red fruit character.

Prestige Cuvee

A generic term for Champagne that can be used for a producer’s best wines, vintage or non-vintage.




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