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This region of Southern France is centred around and named after the town of Macon. The landscape consists of rolling limestone hills with warmer-than-average temperatures and lower rainfall.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are still the main players (although red Gamay grapes are also planted here) and create the wines of Macon AC and Macon Superieur AC.  A wine labelled Macon Villages AC or Macon + identified village name generally have more body and character.

Within the Macon region, there are also a few appellations that make Chardonnay in an almost new world style; ripe, round and rich. The most famous is Pouilly Fuisse AC, where the grapes grow in an amphitheater like location at the base of the Rock of Solutre – a veritable sun trap that ensures very ripe grapes.  Another noteworthy appellation producing excellent Chardonnays is St. Veran AC.


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