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Crisp, aromatic Tidal Bay to kick off a Friday evening. Light and easy Chianti for pizza. Big, bold Napa Cabernet Sauvignon for a backyard BBQ. Whatever the occasion, Bishop’s Cellar has a wine for every palate.

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Feed Nova Scotia Case of Compassion 🍽

Case of Compassion is an annual fundraising campaign for Feed Nova Scotia, organized in partnership with Bishop’s Cellar. The concept is simple: purchase a case of wine and proceeds will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia to help provide meals for those in need.

800+ wines from around the globe

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Bishop’s Cellar makes it quick, simple and convenient to shop for wine; delivered to your door or available for pick-up in store.

Gaby McCotter

Retail Manager

It’s not the first time I’m recommending this sparkling wine – I love champagne and it’s not easy to find a balance between the dryness, taste, right alcohol, and price. This sparkling includes everything! I don’t usually try to mix anything with it but have used it in cocktails and it works great. I bring it often to friends’ houses as it is very approachable and enjoyable all on its own.  It’s fresh, sparkly and has a great taste. The bottle looks nice as well, so people love getting it as a hostess gift.  Sparkling wine is something that gets the party started and makes us feel like we’re getting into the spirit of celebrating. I just love it!

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